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Wookiee vs. Trandoshan diorama :p

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I've had this idea of a Wookiee mangling a Trandoshan and recently got around to making this little dio. Hope you guys like it, I had a great time creating these two :cool:

The Wookiee:

Made from a ROTS Wookiee Warrior with quite a bit of Fixit sculpt and custom made melee weapon

The hapless Trandoshan:

Made from a VOTC Bossk and 25th. Ann. Wraith parts.

The mini dio:

Let me know what you guys think ;)

Siths Herald:
All your images have been censored?

Wow! Big Brother at it's best... er, worst.

I just got an text from Incom. He is on the run! The government just broke into his house and is stuffing his figures into trash bags as evidence as we speak!

What the hell is goiong on here?!?!?!  Is this a joke?


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