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2012 TPM Multi-Troop Transport (MTT)

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Props to JTA for breaking this story with some juicy details.

3 feet long?  :o

20 battledroids included?  :o


wow - 20 droids!  crazy!  i know a lot of people don't care so much for the new droid but i like it.  i hope it is the droid

3' long w/electronics + 20 battle droids for $100   ???  It will have to suck for that price.  Heck that's $200 right there in figures alone.

Sure sounds like Hasbro is going to unveil this much-rumored ship at UK Toy Fair today.  The MTT rumors have been flying since NYCC, so while that part really isn't news it will be nice to have it "officially" confirmed I suppose. 

--- Quote from: iFett on January 24, 2012, 10:50 AM ---Heck that's $200 right there in figures alone.
--- End quote ---

It's $200 in figures IF you assume they are giving us 20 of the new SA Battle Droid sculpt.

There is every chance they will cheap-out and give us something like 10 non-articulated folded droids and 10 non-articulated unfolded droids.  Or maybe something in between like 20 of a different older and cheaper battle droid sculpt? :P

Wow, it sounds like a amazing item. I can't see getting it myself, unless it goes crazy clearance like the shuttle did. While it will have a lot of buzz going for it with the movie out, it is still a big rounded brown terd that carries nameless battle droids...

As a star wars geek, I can see wanting one, but as a parent looking for something cool for $100 or more, I'm not sure this thing has much curb appeal. the turbo tank looked like a monster truck, the AT-AT is a mechanized dino, and the Falcon is the Falcon. This one needs spinning rims, air shocks, and a subwoofer to be cool.


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