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George Lucas: "Han Never Shot First"

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Ok, he's just trying to irritate fans now, right? :)

Jesse James:
That's funny and lame on many levels...

Lame that he even addresses it.  Lame that he actually would lie about it.  Lame that fans get to him that much.  Lame that he can't just put the original edits of the films out in HD for everyone to enjoy and not bitch at him over it.

Just lame.

I wonder if it is the fans or the media amplifying the complaints of a minority of fans that bug him. I mean who the hell still yells about JarJar?

If you really watch that scene...the SFX kind of just show an explosion.  Not trying to be an apologist in any means but maybe in his mind that really is what he intended.

That said, you watch the scene and you really can't come to any other conclusion that he fried him (with the accompanying Jabba Dialogue in the next scene)

Well, the script (that he wrote) just says that Han fires and kills him.  Doesn't say anything about Greedo shooting.

It's a bit funny that Lucas would even think of something being wrong, or immoral with Han shooting first.  After all, greedo pulled a gun on him, pointed it in his face, and said he was going to kill him.  (Over my dead body.  "That's the idea.")  So Han shooting first was self-defense/justifiable homicide here on Earth.  No way it could be seen any worse on a largely lawless gangster-dominated outpost like Tatooine.

Also, how is what Han did different than what Obi-Wan did a few minuted before?  Evason told Luke he was going to kill him (I'll be careful. "You'll be dead!"), then pulled a gun and pointed it at Obi-Wan (but didn't shoot), and Obi-Wan killed him and his bud.  Can anyone explain why that is okay, but the Han thing is not?


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