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--- Quote from: Rob on October  4, 2012, 11:44 AM ---Congrats Brent!

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A bit surprised really given where I was in June/July but seemed to come back.  Sure not especially thrilled with my first pick and my second pick had some mighty bad luck on the year.  But three out of four years gives me a big, old smile on my face.   :)

My hitters completely fell apart there in August...I thought I had it all sewn up there for a while...long season and all that

Congrats too to DR for catching me on the last day.  I wasn't paying attention to my innings or I might of tried the old Start 7 pitchers on the last day trick

My whole team crumbled too... I spent the whole first half in last, but climbed all the way to first with then my pitching started to get mediocre (Felix Hernandez I'm looking at you), one of my Cabreras got caught doping....  Injuries to Jacoby Ellsbury, Mark Teixera, Ian Walker, and Mike Napoli didn't help... and I could have done a much better job using my games... I had 59 games left and 45 innings that I didn't use.

It feels like a wasted season too with the free agent pick up of the decade (Trout - he's a top 3 pick next year) and the first triple crown winner in forever on my team.


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