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I guess they are skipping ESB altogether...weird

2012 Premier Guild Gift

Sir Real:
Ok, so how do I buy a Premier Guild Membership? I'm on the GG site, and they show the figure, as well as several other "gift" items you can choose from when buying the membership, and also items that you can buy once you get the membership.  But I cannot find how to buy the actual membership. 

Is it not active yet? The membership, once purchased, is valid for the 2012 calendar year, jan 1 through dec 31,so I'd think that you would be able to purchase the membership right now.  But I cannot find where on the site to do it.  Help? 


What happens is:

Buy a membership (The add to cart button is right below the pics)
They confirm your membership
About a day later they will send you a confirmation e-mail and a code that you can use to buy one of the exclusives
You can also then buy any of the other exclusives at $70 ea

Sir Real:
Thanks.  I guess I was missing the button that was to the right of that blue/purple "guild" shield picture, which is where you buy the membership itself. 

I'd have thought they would allow you to select the "gift item" at the time you buy the membership, so thanks for that addition info on the confirmation email/code that comes later.

Sir Real:
Well, I placed my order and instantly received an order confirmation email, then 5 days later received an email that said "your order has shipped". Of course, nothing was shipped since I bought only a membership and no actual product, and that's fine.  But there was no redemption code for the "gift" item (12: GamGuard).

Should the redemption code have been in that first or second email, or is there another email coming that contains the code?


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