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Sir Real:
Looks like I'm talking to myself here, but I called Gentle Giant directly, and they stated I should have received another email, but I didn't.  So they sent one to me immediately that contained the  link to preorder the 12in Guard and one-time coupon code that offsets the $70 price to make it $0.  Although there is still a separate charge for shipping.

So, if you don't get the email with the codes, just call them up and they'll send it to you.

Yeah sorry...didn't see you had posted again.  From what I heard, they only have one person doing all of the order taking and confirmations.  Good to hear it worked out!

Sir Real:
No problem.  I wasn't really upset with that "talking to myself" comment, but just felt a little strange replying to my own posts.  In retrospect, I suppose I could have just edited my last post isntead of adding a new one.

I'm just glad to finally get the 12in GGuard ordered.  I've got all these so far, and they all look really good together.  And as long as the card/bubble arrives w/o damage, I'm good.

Sir Real:
For Premier Guild members, GGuard will now be on a "Power of the Force" card, with 3inch replica coin.  Kinda neat, but I don't really want two carded versions, and all my other ones are on the regular cards.  GGuard on a ROTJ card will now be a general release instead.

So my thoughts are that I ordered the ROTJ card version, and I don't really want my preorder "upgraded" to this POTF version.  Does anyone else feel like it's presumptuous on GentleGiant's part to assume we all want this newer version instead?  We should have the option of the upgrade, but it shouldn't be automatic.

I guess I now have to cancel this preorder, then wait for the general release on the ROTJ card.

I would much rather have the POTF coin card - that is cool.  This is automatic, meaning we don't have to do anything to get the POTF version if we already ordered?  That is sweet.


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