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Vintage Collection Wave 15 (2012 Wave 5)

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VC97 Clone Pilot OddBall
VC98 Grand Moff Tarkin
VC99 Vintage Nikto
VC100 Starkiller
VC101 Shae Vizsla

There's only 2 I want in this wave and I'd say Nikto is the winner. The facial sculpt is just off somewhere on Tarkin... and the color of his tunic.

I'm hoping the actual production figure is better, but I hear you...I'm only interested in two of these figures.

Yeah... this might be the oddest wave of the bunch.

A Clone Pilot redo that could have waited until ROTD:3D, an oddly colored Tarkin upgrade, yet another Starkiller figure, a gal from an on-line game, and one of the most requested Kenner re-dos?

What a strange mix.  Nikto looks great though!

Jesse James:
I'm giving Tarkin the benefit of the doubt for now, but if they completely f up his redo I'll be pissed off. 

I'm very, very hopeful the color is altered and his headsculpt looks better with a different deco.  That one looks oddly young on him.


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