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Love the BFG!

I think a few months ago in a Q&A they were talking about rereleasing a POTF2 gun...this is for sure it

Jesse James:
Good wave for sure.

I'm very into the CW realistic figures and I even dig Kenobi.  I hope they do younger Ahsoka though at some point.

Overall really happy.  I really am a little miffed at Nien Numb though...  they give him that gun but not a removable hat?  Isn't removable headgear pretty standard now?  That's some corner cutting bull**** IMO, especially with Ten Numb and others getting the removable caps.  Blah.

darth broem 2:
This is another wave I like.  Weequay turned out great to me.  I like Nien Nunb.  I will admit a removeable skull cap would have been nice but he never takes it off so I'm fine with it.  I'm glad they made Lumat.  The Royal Guard looks kickass!  I will buy up at least 2 of those.  Obi-Wan looks great as does Ahsoka. My favorite is probably Weequay. 

I dunno about Nien Nunb having a removable hat...his is rather thin and to translate that into removable at this scale might look bulkier than it should. The pilots had ear muffs and the mask to visually offset the thickness of their head covering, which was probably thicker than it should've been.

I'll definitely be getting the 4 Jedi figures! Love me that Weequay!


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