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Vintage Collection Wave 16 (2012 Wave 6)

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VC108 Jar Jar Binks
VC109 Clone Lieutenant (Blue)
VC110 Episode III Shock Trooper
VC111 Princess Leia Bespin Gown
VC112 Sandtrooper (Orange Pauldron)
VC115 Darth Vader Emperor's Wrath,

Leia looks awesome. I wish I would have looked at Emperor's Wrath more (it comes with the audio clip of his saying "Noooo. Noooooooo!" just to piss off the fanboys. J/K). Damn... too busy taking pictures.

Sweet! A wave with Sandtrooper, a Clone Lieutenant and a Shocktrooper! Hasbro's definitely not completely overestimating the popularity of clones again.

That Bespin Leia looks great though, and Pruney is much needed. I'm also looking forward to replacing my EW Vader, and hell, even Jar Jar looks good.

I like the look of the Old Republic Trooper as well...I'd like to see more of that one.

Wow, cherry-picking this wave.  :P

Dressel Rebel:


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