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The Fighter Pods sold out within days at my 5 Below.  FYI, the same 4 packs were goin for $9.99 at TRU as a few other places.  I'm split on these.   don't collect them, but we'e bough some for hte kids and they seem to love them.

I actually like the, and the fact that thy tae up so litte space is appealing.  I just can't see startig a new "blind packed" collection.  Always seems (in any "bind pack" collectable) to end up  beng hundreds of commons that aren't worth crap, and just one or two really expensive peices everyone istrin to scramble to get and really HTF.

Adam at GH reports finding a new Fighter Pods tin at Target. Doesn't look like it includes any (advertised) exclusives so it might be a pass unless collectors want the tin.


--- Quote from: Jayson on September  6, 2012, 09:52 AM ---I'm either totally nuts or just bored with the lack of new product

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Dammit, I'd avoided getting into these until I came across an X-Wing vs TIE multipack on clearance at TRU last week and couldn't resist.  Now I just spent the last few hours on eBay tracking down a bunch more!  I'm sticking with OT and CW ones.


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