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Jesse James:
Thought I'd point out that the new Bespin Luke is now available from our friends at Hobbystock.CN's ebay store.

MH Battlepack Bespin Luke $4.99

Best part is the price.  :)  Anyone who wants it, that's a good price.  With it being the most popular figure in the pack, I think it'll do well as a single figure for that.

After seeing those pic, definetely I will buy bespin 3 pack

The Bespin Luke serves as a blond version of the character, cause my kenner one has beidge hair.

Darth Vader, unlike the current tvc mold, this sculpt shows a well built body, atlhetic as a warrior must be. Also the plates on his shoulders are well painted.

Boba Fett depicts an all new stance, like the jacket kinda t shirt for his torso armor, also has a super paint job.

I don't know if this is the right place for it or not, but the Movie Legends Battle Pack Bespin Luke can be had for $3.50 plus free shipping from this ebay seller.  Can't beat that with a stick.

Sure I can. I can keep my $3.50. HA!

I actually went ahead and ordered one of those $3.50 Bespin Lukes from the Battle Pack, and it arrived this week.  I was just curious to see one, and wasn't sure if I was going to spring for (or find) the eventual battle pack or not.  Anyways, all that said, it isn't too bad of a figure.  There is an obvious severe lack of articulation, but I guess the fact that we already have a pretty much perfect version of this character from the Vintage Collection, I'm ok with a figure like this.

If Hasbro continues to have multiple lines at retail, I think it would be a decent idea to have the Movie Heroes/Kid's line be made up of figures like this - as long as the price could be dropped fairly significantly.  Keep the "collector's line" (like the current TVC), and keep it more limited in releases (35-40 per year), and if they need a movie line (if the 3D releases continue) use some figures like this.  They stand, are sturdy, fit in vehicles, and could hopefully be priced $2-3 cheaper.  I'm not saying that I prefer these over the current ultimate, super articulated versions we've enjoyed lately - but as I've said before, as our daughter has been playing with action figures a lot lately (SW and Marvel in particular) I've grown an appreciation for solid "toys" that can hold their weapons, fit in vehicles, and most importantly - stand.  Overall, I kind of like this Bespin Luke - especially because we have a perfect "collector's version" alongside it.  We have that for virtually all of the main characters and troopers, so releasing more stripped down (and again, only if they are cheaper) versions of these for the "heroes" line would be fine with me.


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