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Matt R.'s Haves and Wants

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Matt R.:
I don't have much, try to get the Vintage stuff carded but decided to stop

VOTC (2004) no clamshells [missing 3PO, Chewie, Boba Fett]
VTSC (2006) complete
VTSC (2007) complete
TVC MOC Wave 1 (ESB) [Missing Echo Base Han]
TVC MOC Wave 2 (ROTS + Sandtrooper) complete
TVC MOC Wave 4 (AOTC) complete
TVC MOC Wave 6 [missing nikto jedi]

Wants: (Loose)

TVC Ponda Baba
TVC Rebel echo Base Soldier
TVC Barriss Offee
TVC Bom Vimdin
TVC ARC Trooper Commander
TVC Darth Maul
TVC Ratts Tyrell
TVC Ben Quadinaros
TVC Naboo Royal Guard
TVC Luke Skywalker (Deleted Scene)
TVC Lando (Sandstorm)
Discover the Force Ric Olie
G.I. JOE 30th Rengades Storm Shadow
G.I. JOE 30th Sci-Fi
G.I. JOE 30th Lifeline
G.I. JOE 30th Airtight
G.I. JOE 30th Hazard Viper
G.I. JOE 30th Techno Viper
G.I. JOE 30th Steel Brigade
G.I. JOE 30th Cobra Trooper
G.I. JOE 30th Cobra Viper
G.I. JOE Pusuit of Cobra Crazy Legs

Thank You

Captain Piet:
PM sent

Matt R.:
PM received and PM Sent

Matt R.:

PM sent about Wave 4.


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