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The Future of Star Wars Collecting?

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--- Quote from: Jeff on January 30, 2013, 02:55 PM ---traditional 3.75" figures

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Traditional meaning... 5POA? OMG DETH OF TEH LINE!!!!!!11!!!!!1111  :P

Yeah, they wouldn't bother releasing 33/4" under this "black series" if the figures would be kiddiefied, they'd stick those under Movie Heroes. Collector aimed 3 3/4" is probably safe for now, by "now" I mean the last 6 months of this year.  :P

From our Facebook page thanks to speedermike :-*

I kinda like the initial looks of the 6" line, but I'm also torn.   Seeing the Luke... the figure itself looks great, plusthe packaging is really nice!  I also like how the accessories are not just packed in, but almost displayed.  Very much aimed at the collector.

I say I "kinda" like the line, and I'm probably goin to buy it, but I may wait ad play the clearance deals on this one, ad see what happens.  Iget that odd feeling I'm going to get burned if I shell out $20 a pop over and over again with this line.

I'd be gung ho for it, but I just don't have the trust in Hasbro they'll treat this line well.  I completely get that they are a company and thier #1 goal will be to make money and keep thier investors happy.  No secrets there.  I just think there's a way to mke money AND keep collectors happy.  Maybe  say "Hey, let's keep things going with all the toys and all like we always do, but what if we just steppd aside and had this nice little 6" line and devote it to the collectors/fans.  We'll treat it a little different an try not to bastardize it.  We may not make as much as the rest of the stuff we churn out, but it will make our fanbase happy, and it might just give them a warm fuzzy feeling, put the fun bck into it all, and keep them coming back for more...for the long haul...which would be a good thing for everyone

...wouldn't it?


So, after the Toy Fair reveals, what does everyone think of the "future" of Star Wars collecting at this point?  I really like the look of the 6" figures - and personally, I'm on board for at least the OT characters - but it seems like actual buyers are pretty split at least on our forums.  As far as the 3 3/4" scale, as we said last year when we saw these, the figures look nicely done - just kind of boring.  I'm the type of person that can understand that we're not going to get waves of "all new, never before done, first time ever" figures, especially at this stage of the collecting game - but the lineups so far just seem sort of blah.  I'm wondering if that won't hurt the 3 3/4" scale even more going forward.

Switching the Legends line to 5 POA/$6 figures is ok with me.  I do think that kids need something more affordable to collect, even if the action figure age window is smaller these days.  I remember being able to save up allowance or just collect a few bucks and be able to buy a SW (or Joe) figure at our local hardware/variety store for $3 or so.  Although I'm sure allowances have gone up, it has to be tough for kids who do have an interest in SW to keep up these days.  I think we're seeing a more definite line in the sand as far as "this is for kids, this is for collectors".

I'm also fine with the addition of 6" figures.  I'm a 3 3/4" scale figure enthusiast first and foremost, but I do think that the SW line (much like the brand in general) needed a shot in the arm.  The Disney acquisition/movie announcement did that for the brand, and I think the 6" figures are going to do that for the toyline.  Many won't buy in due to such an investment in the smaller scale at this point (but at least we're still getting those too), but I think this will be a popular line among collectors in general (non-SW focused included).  Probably stupidly, I plan on buying both, with a continued focus on OT.

My one future concern comes mainly with the lines that will accompany the new movies when they start up.  I know I'll be in for some stuff, and I just hope that the 3 3/4" scale is going strong at that point.  I would think it would, because otherwise you really miss opportunities for vehicles, beasts and maybe even playsets.  I would hope that alone would keep the scale going.  I am curious if they'll continue with "collector" versions and "kid" versions at that point, or - if sales of the upcoming Black Series waves are poor - we'll just get the simpler figures with scaled down vehicles, etc.  It is a ways off yet, but I think that is one of my main concerns going forward.  I'll continue buying 3 3/4" figures this year and beyond, but honestly, if they were taking a break or something I think I'd be understanding.  We really have had an incredible run of figures, and a very broad selection of characters - even ridiculous when you think about some of the things we've gotten.  Sometimes I do think we get too riled up about "Cantina Alien #15", when you look back at when POTF2 started we couldn't have imagined getting Ephant Mon, the AT-ST jackin' ewoks, etc. let alone start asking for stuff like Jaxxon and Jabba's human goons.  Not saying I don't want them all, but I don't think any of us imagined we'd get this deep into the lineup.  Anyways, what's your outlook on the future of the line at this point?


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