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The Future of Star Wars Collecting?

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Yeah, I'm exhausted by all the pilots too - have been for a while now. 

The thing that makes it worse for me is when they keep using that Luke body over and over - I don't like that sculpt.  The only reason I bought the TRU Rebel pack was for the Porkins.

I also agree on Needa's legs.  They are pretty bad.

Jesse James:
Could've done without Luke's body on 2 pilots in a set too...  Needed to use Red 10.  Not everyone in the Alliance is 5'8" or less.

Just judging from the news of a Star Wars movie every year starting in 2015, the future of Star Wars collecting just became....never ending :).  I'm excited at the prospects of what we might see (seems more likely that all those spin off/solo movies that were rumored could be true, along with the new trilogy), but it really could lead to a LOT of stuff overall if we continued to buy most to all of it.  I know my collecting "room" is already full, and this type of news makes me want to plan ahead already.  I guess it all depends on the quality, quantity, and mindset at the time these movies are released.

Jesse James:
The question is, will it be similar to Iron Man? :P

Star Wars is, to me, a lot more character rich visually than most super hero movies are, but I'm just more worried about what could be coming, or not coming, even with all these new movies.

I guess the danger of a new film is that there will only be time for top-tier, main characters.  With such a short window before the next film arrives, Hasbro might not have time to go deep with selection.

On the other hand, maybe they will just do one big release when the film hits (May) and one more round in the Fall for the holidays.  It would make for easy shopping.

From a rough count, I believe that there were over 70 basic figures in 2005.


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