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Shoot.  I am worried my Hammerhead is going to be AWOL as well... :P

Sir Real:
Hammerhead is in stock at BBTS.  But he's 80 bucks...

He is $65 with free shipping from my comic site...assuming they don't cancel like Walrusman.

Sir Real:
Yeah, that's certainly a great deal.  I always wonder about box strength though from sources I haven't ordered from before, especuially with ffree shipping, and I wonder if they'd skimp on packing material or use a flimsy box.

I know BBTS has really tough shipping boxes. I gotta have those cards mint, so BBTS's higher price is generally worth it to me for peace of mind that there'll be no damage during shipping.  I've been lucky so far, and I have all of them.  And for the ones straight from GG, those boxes have also been pretty good.

That's a valid concern.  I haven't had any trouble with the box integrity and they pack solid with peanuts, but a few of my items have arrived in less than case fresh condition.  No major defects, but my Greedo, for example, has a little bend to the plastic, either from how they removed it from the case or what they did to it in packing.  95% has been minty though, so I'm willing to take a slight hit on that rate for the lower price.   ;)


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