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Jesse James:
Snags is my favorite Cantina alien...  Kind of more of a blue fan, but red had the cool feet.  That's cool stuff there.

Maybe the blue one for an exclusive!

Sir Real:
I kind of hope not.  I love these guys, but the exclusives are usually really hard to get, unless it's something like a Premier Guild club membership, which was super easy (once I learned how to make the purchase... ;D).  So far I've been able to get the others (Fett, Trooper, vinyl cape Jawa) but had to watch the website like a hawk for them on the day they went up for sale. 

And, exclusives, by definition, mean that many others who want them just won't be able to get them.  These aren't chase figures in a regular retail assortment, designed to increase foot traffic in the store, so there's not that much reason for exclusives in this line.

Having said all that, I wouldn't be surprised to see more SDCC exclusives this year.  Maybe blue snaggy will be one of them.

Sounds like this is finally shipping...just waiting for Walrusman and Hammerhead for a complete Cantina!


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