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General Rieekan watch at RiteAid

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General Rieekan is the oldest figure on the shelves of our local RiteAid in Chino Hills, CA. His current list price is $12.99. Will keep updating this thread until he sells. Currently he has been there for six years and no clearance in sight!

Sweet Jebus...that is a long time.  I found Episode I stuff at a local small drug store 3 years ago, Band Aids and Party Favors IIRC

What's crazy is they had the exact same figure at the Walgreen's close to my old house, at least up until a few months ago...I have not been by there in awhile. Would not surprise me at all if he was still there though.

The weird thing is that up until a few years ago that same RiteAid had a POTF2 8D8 for $10.99 with a Thriftys price sticker!

Rite Aid here has a C-3PO with ewok throne in Saga 06 packaging for some insane price.


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