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Top 10 Clone Wars Episodes


I thought it might be fun to take a look back at the first four seasons of the Clone Wars with a top ten episode list.

This was harder for me to choose than I thought.

10. Cat and Mouse season 2 (Love Admiral Trench)
9. The Box season 4 (Bounty Hunters!)
8. Assassin season 3
7. Brain Invaders season 2
6. Arc Troopers season 3
5. Trespass season 1 (Full of Hoth inspired goodness)
4. The Deserter season 2
3. Rookies season 1
2. Landing at Point Rain season 2
1. Lair of Grievous season 1 (Dark and Awesome)

No order

10. Landing at Point Rain
9. Hidden Enemy
8. Lightsaber Lost
7. Clone Cadets
6. Arc Troopers
5. The Box
4. The Deserter
3. Rookies
2. A Friend in Need
1. Deception

Just to be a negative nelly, the 5 worst
1. The Academy (zzzz...)
2. Corruption (zzzzz....)
3. The Zillo Beast Strikes Back (may the Cloverfield be with you...should've been a one-parter)
4. Sphere of Influence (and we need a story about these characters because...?)
5. Altar of Mortis (I just pick the middle of that arc because it was an episode too long for what that arc amounted to, which was nothing...a wasted Qui Gonn appearance that could've been used for a cool flashback episode to pre-TPM era times...)


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