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Jesse James:
One Kenner and one Hasbro would truly look neat though, yeah.  no variations.  Just a big represenation of both line's then and now, side-by-side...  Yeah, that's a pretty slick idea. :)

That's the kind of display that might even look ok outside of the collection room.  :-X  Doubt many wives agree though.

Wow, these are fantastic.  Does anyone know if they set into the wall?  Looks almost like you would cut the drywall and have this inset.  Some of them seem like they have lights as well.  Pretty amazing.  If I could snag one of these for around $200 I think I would bite. 

Scott - where is the one you found from?

Jesse - check out the site.  It says they'll custom build what you need for your collection, so I'm sure one with room for variants is possible.

Jesse James:
That's cool then...  Wow.  I already made my own, but without the graphics...

They set into the wall just as you said Justin.  You cut drywall between studs on a wall, preferably interior.  Watch out for wiring, just plut it in and screw it to the studs once it's leveled and shimmed, and voila. :)

That's exactly what I built, except it's going to have beveled glass adjustable shelving and beveled glass doors.  There's an upper and lower portion, as it was fit to an area with a light switch and which was already damaged.  Still haven't bought the glass bits, but the shelf is in the wall and has been for a while.  I'm just such a lazy schmoe about finishing this project.  I was already onto something else, haha.  I should just go buy the glass and get it done asap.

Sounds pretty cool - hope you share a picture with everyone when it's done!


--- Quote from: JediJman on April 22, 2012, 10:01 PM ---
Scott - where is the one you found from?

--- End quote ---

My wife bought them for me for Christmas back in 2001.  The company that she got them from went out of business.  It was some sort of GI Joe thing.


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