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2012 Darth Maul w/Sith Speeder

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Medicom is reissuing the Darth Maul w/Sith Speeder with a new face deco (angry teeth) and maybe? revised soft goods.

I'll be getting this one since I missed the first version and I like the face on this one a lot more.

I Am Sith:
"ENOUGH WITH THE RE-ISSUES!!!" said the angry completist shaking his fist in the air...

Don't get me wrong, I'm one of the biggest Darth Maul fans out there and will get this (hopefully for less than what I paid for the original version), but I'd really like to start seeing some originality from Medicom again at some point.

space monkey:
Wow, where did this come from?

At least people can now stop complaining that there are no new kubricks coming from Medicom  ;)

I can deal with the re-release. It's obviously it's part of their m.o now and isn't the line better alive (even if on life support) than dead. Medicom's been doing the repaint thing for years, the 5 packs don't exist anymore and it's now down to the 2 packs ie Han/Luke, R2/3PO, Wicket/Paploo.

edit: I don't own the first version so I had to remind myself just how similar or different they are from each other.

Not just the mouth but the eyes and probably a change in robes. Was the original's robes cloth or paper like, it's hard to tell? It might just be the fact that they're prototypes and not the final product.

How Ironic.   I paid $100 for the original a few weeks back and it just arrived in the mail today.  I'll have to pop it open and check it out tonight.  I wonder what they're going to end up charging for this....

About $40 according to their site. My guess it'll still be a $100+ once it hit the market.


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