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Does anybody know when this guy is scheduled to be released?  I pre-ordered him on another site that had him listed as Feb 2012 release, which has obviously come and gone.  I had 3 other figures in the basket, so anxiously awaiting Greedo to get all of them.

R2 and 3PO were supposed to be in January and came out in late March/early April.  I'd say then he'll be in a few weeks.

Gentle Giant release date estimates suck :P

Thanks Scott.  I just noticed "Q2" release on their site - hope that doesn't mean its even later.   :(

Sir Real:
An ebay seller says early May.

BBTS says April.

I think this guy was originally slated for February.  I'm new to these - are the frequent delays common from GG?  I contacted their customer support about Greedo today and found that he is now delayed until Q3, which I assume means sometime between July-Sept.  Ugh.

I've an online order set for Stormtrooper, Leia, Han, and Greedo for months now - all held up by Greedo.  After hearing from GG, I swapped Greedo out of my order and plopped C3PO in instead, so I'll finally be getting these in a week or two.


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