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Sideshow 12-inch Commander Neyo


Sideshow revealed their next clone commander figure: Neyo. There's also an image on their facebook page showing an Utapau Airborne figure, so that one may be coming soon as well.

Jesse James:
The full reveal was posted today and shows the standard Clone fare...  I wish they all had removable buckets though.  That's my ONLY gripe on SS 12" figures.  They're skipping the removable helmets now, and yeah you don't see Neyo, but with a 12" figure, and at the higher price, it's one of those things you really kind of wish you'd get.

It's an incredible looking figure though as all their Troopers have been.  They're really underrated in many ways.

I'm planning hoping to expand my militaries shelf...  I'm not branching out of it much save for a Bossk figure and maybe a Vader someday (too iconic not to own), but the militaries shelf I'd like to see pretty fleshed out someday in my collection.  :)  I probably won't buy much new, but only because it's too much to financially deal with between this and Hasbro and anything else I buy.


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