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Nice Justin.

I like the price sticker, it does give some connect back into history...

Thank you!  So, I partied a bit too much this weekend with the kids on a sleepover.  Every time I have that hangover feeling, I think of Bill Dee and his Colt 45 Commercials.  Not sure why since I've never even tried malt liquor, but Lando just seems like he can put 'em away.

To honor the occassion I'm dedicating today's post to the smoothest dude in the galaxy...Lando Calrissian.  First up is the original, which has a cherry card and minty bubble.  But Lando has a bit of a hangover himself here with that weird growth/residue that gets on really old plastic pretty much covering his pants.  Anyone know what this stuff is?  I have seen it on a few loose vintage figures, but never inside a sealed bubble before.  Anyone know of any tricks to fix this?  I thought about leaving it in the hot sun to see if it burns away.  It's a shame, because the rest of the card is oh so pretty. At least Lando's still smiling about it.  Maybe this is the real reason he has to change into the skiff guard duds.  Nothing overly special on that one - nice flat card and bubble, but there is a tear up at the peg hole.  I do like the way they packaged these removable helmet figures though, with the extra bubble section at the top.  This second version of Lando also has clean pants, so he's got a leg up on his counterpart. 


With the outpouring of support for Lando  :-\, I've decided to stick with the Bespin theme for another round.  Today features the Cloud Car Pilot and Lobot, two of Lando's trusty aides.  I had what I would call an unusal fondness for the Cloud Car Pilot when I was a kid.  I don't know if it was the cool specs or the communicator, but I recall having 3 of these guys as a kid.  I would put Hoth Luke/Rebel Commander guns between his two hands to give him a little more of an action pose than most figures.  This one is on a really nice unpunched cardback with an equally nice bubble.  It is a little more yellow than the picture would indicate and the gun has come loose, but still in better shape than my ESB version I think.  Lobot is in a very similar condition, though the bubble is even more yellowed and has a ding on the top.  Loving the unpunched cards and more Target price tags to build out the set. 


I'm loving this, Justin. Keep it coming. I just got my DS Lando today, so it's cool to see the real card (I wished they would have gone with this instead of the drawing, but I understand it's "Sandstorm" Lando).

Ps. There's always love for Lando McMacDaddy Calrissian.

Thanks Steve.  I'm going to reward this response with some Hoth battle action.  Up next are two of my favorite vintage figures from my favorite OTC battle: Imperial Stormtrooper and Rebel Soldier (Both in Hoth Battle Gear).  The "Snowtrooper" and his minty skirt are on a really nice unpunched card with almost no shelf wear and a solid, clear bubble.  The card is a bit wavy, but will look flat once I get it into an acrylic prison.  The sacrificial Rebel Trooper is equally stylish, despite looking nothing like the dude on the card.  Maybe it's that optimistic expression, thinking he has a chance against armored transports.  The card on this one has held up well, but has a tear on the bottom corner near the bubble.  The bubble is clear, but also has a battle damage ding up near the top.  Obviously the Snowtrooper is chipping away at him when I'm not looking.  I think my Empire version of the Rebel might actually trump this new one, but I'll have to compare in more detail. 



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