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--- Quote from: P-Siddy on May 21, 2012, 09:50 PM ---Wow! That's awesome, Justin.  I'm jealous of that Fett.  Congrats.  I'll have to drop by and see your collection when I'm in town next.

--- End quote ---

Absolutely.  I'll bring the Fett along if nothing else.  I have yet to display the others, but immediately stuck him in the acrylic.

Thanks for the ongoing show of figures the last month Justin, I gotta say I'm sad to see it end.  And congrats on Fett!

Time to add in some new photos of recent vintage finds.  I'm going to kick it off with a pair of boxed AT-ATs.  I had been searching for a loose, complete one that still worked and was really struggling to find a good deal.  I love the box from this thing, so started looking at boxed options as well, but they're selling for around $200 in some cases even with missing parts or untested electronics.  I came across an auction with a BIN option for a guy selling not one, but two boxed AT-ATs from his childhood (???).  Apparently he and his brother received these and didn't play with them much.  Both were complete and both still worked, so I bit on the BIN for $300 shipped with a plan for selling one of the two to recoup some of my spending. 

Of course, now that I have them, I kind of want to keep both.  The boxes have aged, but the AT-ATs look brand new.  One came with the survival gear pack (still sealed), and the other came with all the inserts, instructions, and even the sticker sheet!  I tested them both and they work great, so very pleased with this win.  My only complaint is that the seller used packing tape to seal the boxes for shipping, which means I had to tear some of the box printing to remove it, or just cut the tape.  At least it's clear tape, so doesn't diminish the look of the box too much for me.  Here are a few photos of both:

Sweet score, Justin!

Very, very cool. A boxed AT-AT is high on my list.


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