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Those bubbles are so clear! I would have never though of cutting those ups off like that when I was a kid. Wow!

Thanks guys.  These cost a pretty penny, but I'm still really happy with the purchase a few weeks later, so that's a sign of money well spent.  I referenced a Luke X-Wing that I picked up earlier for $40, so here he is too...

Been a long time since I've had an update here, but wanted to share my new wall o' vintage.  I've been working on this for a long, long time, so feels great to have it just about wrapped up.  I still have a few gaps to fill on card variations, but am absolutely loving this.

Wow, that looks amazing.

Thanks!  All originals so far, but I think I'm going to use a repro guy for the few I'm missing (Brown Hair Luke, Yakface, POTF Stormtrooper, Vinyl Jawa).  My neighbor mentioned some cool IKEA backlights I could install behind them for fairly cheap, so might try that out in a few weeks.


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