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A favorite of mine. The first Ewok figure I ever received, and I'm pretty sure I still have it, sans accessories of course.

I just realized my vintage Logray is missing his Pouch...weird I never noticed that before

A cool ewok figure back in the day.  Hopefully, I'll be able to find the modern one.

Jesse James:
Love the CA92 feature, glad it's back, and a good figure to come back on...

the perfect contrast of the two eras, especially considering the new one is even part of TVC.

I think Logray was my first Ewok as well...  weird.  And probably my favorite as I didn't have the latter ones, and Wicket was small.  Logray seemed like a real warrior to me because he was bigger.

The modern figure is clearly as good as it gets pretty much.  The articulation, the sculpt, the gear...  hasbro has perfected the little fuzzballs, and I just now want repaints and gear changes.  I can't say, beyond the ones that narf the ATST, and making sure all are updated from their vintage counterparts, I'm pretty happy with Hasbro cranking out repaints and accessory swaps.  Like Rebel Pilots or whatever.  I just like something slightly new using the perfect library of molds they've got around now.


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