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--- Quote from: Master_Phruby on November 20, 2012, 09:47 AM ---What's the total number of droids and the total price?

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Well - I have 100 droids in my Wave 1 set - one set of 50 to keep carded and one set of 50 to have open. In each set of 50 there is 2x of each of the different dome.

I also scored some "spare" droids - one for the Naboo Fighter - a White w/Yellow R2 and a pair of droids to give a body to the dome that's coming with the Yoda Jedi Scout Fighter Mini-rig that's coming next year - so that's another three droids, plus I think I have one more coming for use in the TRU Vintage Y-Wing - probably an R5 - it's sad, it's been so long since I thought about these parts and being so busy at work, I'm not even sure what's coming anymore....

When the box comes, I'll snap a few more pictures and post them here.

As far as cost - just the cost of the droids it's been roughly $1225.

That doesn't include the cost of the trip I made in May, the $$$ for shipping that I've given my friend who helped me get the rest AND the extra $$$ I gave my friend for his trouble/effort - which was a bargain compared to having to make several more trips to the park like he did

Looks like Disney has put Build-a-Droid setup in Once Upon A Toy in Downtown Disney at WDW. I wonder if Disneyland's World of Disney is getting something similar.

Jesse James:
Just in time for my drug mules friends to go to Star Wars Weekends for me!  :-X

Nice - glad to see them put it some place reasonable, now if they add new parts, I'm sure I can get one of my friends down there to just make a trip over to Once Upon a Toy as opposed to having to go into the park...

Jesse James:
My droid mules are going back down...  Should have some new ones soon. :)


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