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I'm still hoping that they'll offer a "bag-o-parts" or box set option of all the parts at some point. There is no way anyone is going to be able "collect" these if the parts are just dumped whole-sale into bins.

Whoa, Scott!  I remember Rebelscum posting it as a rumor - but I totally missed that picture!  Those look way awesome!!

Jesse James:
The picture is from Disney's "Attraction Magazine" Twitter account...  They just confirmed Scum's rumor today with the pic.

I'm really interested in a set of these...  I love droid repaints.  I don't care if they're from EU or the films even.  A purple R3 unit?  Sure.  I'm into stuff like this...  just hope I can get it somehow.

Jesse James:
An interesting thought too...  when the rumors came out of NYTF that Vintage would maybe go away, at least for the time being...  Am I the only one who's happy to see some kind of value-added item maybe being put back into the line? 

I like how vintage packaging looks too, don't get me wrong.  It's purdy and all.  But ultimately I've always said I don't buy toys for the packaging.  At today's prices I find anything $8.99 and up needing some kind of value beyond the figure.  30AC gave the coins, and who cares ultimately?  Neat in a full set, but worthless otherwise.

What was nice then was the packaging allowed, and Hasbro utlizied it, to make larger accessories...  Bar pieces, tables, etc.  That was cool.

The BAD line though I was skeptical on, but I really found that the figure was good incentive to A) buy a full wave, and B) buy extras too.  I'd buy a couple army builders and then wind up buying random extras or repacks to complete droids.  I wound up greatly missing BAD as soon as it was gone.  Missed it even more when prices went up even further.

I don't care if it's EU, movie canon, or made up...  I like droid repaints.  I like the unique ones even better, especially if they're from movies, but I'm ok with just a made up deco too.  Especially if it's creative and looks completely feasible as something you COULD have seen in the background of any scene.

Yar, the build a droid line had me buying figures I would have passed on otherwise just to build the droid - and I didn't care because I was happy to build the droid!


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