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The Clone Wars - Season Five Discussion Thread

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Maybe watching this show late at night on Saturdays is not the best time for me, I can barely remember what happens each week now. Sometimes that's for the best though.

For a second I thought I had tuned into "A Bug's Life" or "Madagascar 3" both of which had that EXACT SAME PLOT DEVICE. A circus?!?! Seriously?

So what was Hondo's big plan for making profit off of Ahsoka anyway? She astutely points out that the Republic would never pay a ransom and the Separatists can't be trusted. Who was he going to sell her to - the Brothers Maul? Didn't seem like they got along too well the first time. Maybe Death Squad?

LOVED the space battle. Loved the Z-95's or whatever those things were buzzing around with the Y-Wing bombers. (Seriously, make that Hasbro) Even Grievous' shuttle would make for kind of a cool ship I think.

Methinks Huyang needs some more screen time to merit an action figure, but that was probably a long shot anyway. Damn.

I'll take a Gungi and Byph, and even the Rodian nerd, but no more punk human kids. And they can't make Baby Stass Allie/Adi Gallia until they give us the grown-up version first.

Rune Haako:
Dooku's Revenge! :o

I liked the last episode, especially the Z-95s and Y-Wings... I agree with those who think THOSE should have been the main ships for the Republic in the Prequels, but there's another thread for that.  :)

Circus plot was kinda lame but ultimately fun. Served its purpose of getting Ahsoka out of there.

Really my only beef was Obi-Wan's hologam message that was supposed to distract Grevious. Great distraction and plan, telling him you're going to blow up the ship. ::) Why not just fillibuster him? He's distracted long enough for you to still escape, plus he get's blown up. I know he has to survive for Episode III, but still. :-*

The ending of this arc was awesome. Again, Hondo is what makes this series so great. The whole episode was exciting from an action standpoint and the appearance of a certain ship gave me goosebumps and a smile from ear to ear.

There's one repaint ship we won't see.

Dooku let Hondo off light. Not sure why Dooku was dismantling the ships, as opposed to just commandeering them with droid crews.

Hondo calling Dooku a Sith lord but seemed to think Maul and Opress are Jedi in the episode set after this one (they reshuffled the airing order).

Grievous has some strange speeder, one yet to appear in toy form.

Kenobi letting Hondo go? WTF?


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