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The Clone Wars - Season Five Discussion Thread

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Jesse James:
Obi looks to have some good moments.  Nice to see the ship is around, if not a little FUBAR.

I was watching an episode and the Black Sun was in it. Completely awesome! Wish they would do a Shadows of the Empire series.

The last 2 episodes have been fantastic.  As a fan o th EU, these stories really help,and tie in nicely.

A lot of folks found the Pacifst Mandalores a bit last 2 episodes certainly help bring this back around.   The Maul/Pre Visla fight was as epic as you can probbly get for a TV cartoon series.  Lots to like with these 2 episodes...they both have me wanting more. Mot f the episodes have been either hit or miss for me  (probably as many hits as misses) but the last 2 epsiodes are what I've longed for.

Good stuff!

Mind blown after today's episode.


So I happened to be up early today and caught this live. Is the end of the arc? Not sure. If so, a mystifying one.  A lot - A LOT - of build up to have it all come apart so quickly. I knew Satine was doomed from the start of this arc, but her death ultimately has no impact. Obi Wan actually achieves his greatest victory over Maul before Maul kills her, when he explains his strength and Maul's weakness. Satine's death doesn't change that, it actually only reinforces it. To have Daddy come home at the end of the episode and ground the kids for being bad erases everything Maul was doing. This confrontation was inevitable, but should have come much later - how fantastic would it have been to have followed Maul as he rivaled the Sith, confronted Dooku, and ultimately his master?

Again, there were more toys we'll never see.


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