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Jabba the Slug:

--- Quote from: Scockery on February 23, 2013, 02:03 PM ---Barriss can get the drop on Ventress?  Really?

--- End quote ---

Ventress can almost kill her master, Luminara, but then somehow Barriss pulls a "B**** please" and knocks her down.

It also bugged me that she could adequately use two lightsabers and totally whup Ahsoka's ass.

And you thought Darth Maul was the badass of TCW?

Barriss was the real badass all along. ::)

I wish Filoni thought these things over more. Cuz first Ahsoka can holdup her own against General Grievous and Asajj Ventress, two famed Jedi-killers known throughout the galaxy, yet somehow Barris Offee can now totally just toss her around like Sidious did to Maul.

I think the cloaked lady is Barriss too. She framed Asoka and pumelled her.
But there is a leit motif=some inactive jedi or sith appear or come back reloaded.

Anakin looks frustrated, coz this arch is going to put him in the role of judge rather than fighter.

Well balanced sort of aliens, the jabba palace snake, the braniac guy,
I really liked them. But somebody can tell me please, why TCW spot Ithorians so fatty, with wide torsos, while rodians
are very skinny in contrast?

The Barriss angle is interesting.  She was after all one of the Jedi who had been introduced in Attack Of The Clones whose fate we never witnessed in Revenge of the Sith.  There was an Order 66 scene featuring Barriss in the comic adaptation of ROTS, but not the film.

I also really liked that smaller gunship.  It was almost like a cross between a Republic Gunship and a TIE Interceptor, but with the cockpit of the Virago.

More great stuff we'll never see in toy form (animated or otherwise):

Coruscant Police
Fugitive Ahsoka
Drunk Gotal
Republic Police Gunship
Bounty Hunter Ventress
Mystery Attacker

If you want confirmation of the traitor in the Season 5 finale, watch until the end of this teaser from Teletoon.


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