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My second though was what Paul said. lol

Actually there is suppose to be a Munsters reboot called Mockingbird Lane with Eddie Izzard as Grandpa.


--- Quote from: Jesse James on May  9, 2012, 04:12 PM ---I'm hoping it's a good thing for SW's future is all.  At this point I sometimes look at it and think it's in jeopardy.  Not that it'd ever go away or anything, but that it's sort of hit the wall a bit.  It went from lame, to cool, to lame again...  Can it get cool again?  I'm not so sure SW is like the stock market, in that it can sustain fluctuation.

I think TPM3D screamed a lot about where SW is...  adding in the declining interest in Clone Wars 3D.  Star Wars needs something of Battlestar Galactica/Star Trek: The Next Generation proportions to revive it.  Something big, and with maybe some solid outside influence rather than Lucas being the only voice in the room.

--- End quote ---

That's an interesting point.  We've sort of discussed this as far as the collectibles go, but I sort of feel the same way about SW right now.  Sure, the CW is still going and there are always little "events" here and there, but it does seem like there has been the lame/cool/lame swing with SW again a bit.  A combination of things most likely, and honestly I don't know if SW will be "big" news again until there is a new movie or the live action series actually comes to fruition.  A discussion for another topic I suppose.

As far as "SW 1313", I suppose the Disney explanation is as good as any.  I actually wasn't aware of the address, but that seems to make sense when putting things together.  That would be neat too, but SW really could use some big news.  It sometimes feels like - aside from the fanbase - people have "moved on" a bit, which I suppose is somewhat natural (and has happened before when the movies were through).

I proposed the same answer over at laughingplace. They got mad over the suggestion of anything star wars going in. There are some a-holes there that believe if its not Disney (not even Pixar), then it shouldn't be at Disneyland. A lot of them want Adventure Thru Inner Space back instead of Star Tours. Disney dweebs are such ludites.

Jesse James:
I thought most Disney fanatics were the chicks in poo sweatshirts?  They're common at Wal-Mart and seem to often be commenting on the most recent crime in their neighborhood on the nightly news.

Jesse James:
So a mystery game being revealed this Thursday?

As noted in our front page story, early speculation has this maybe being what the Star Wars 1313 registrations were for, and that it could pertain to LA signing on to use the Unreal Engine 3, a year ago.

New SW FPS would be nice...  but they're up against stiff competition in that market.


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