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bought on sight!

So Mother Talzin is a generically named Nightsister?

I guess so...

Although at Yak, they are saying it's based on a nightsister game piece and it's not Talzin (Jayson's awesome with detail, so I trust him).  Unfortunately, there aren't any other nightsisters that look like Talzin in the Maul Return episodes.   :-\  I guess that means that Hasbro can retool/paint it a bit to be Talzin on a card.

And what is that red flare piece on Maul's saber?  I can't tell.

If that's Talzin, that's a poor version of her.  If that's a generic CW Nightsister... it's funny how you get everything you want and nothing in the same shot.  A for effort, D for execution.  Wow.  Either Maul is coming on the card and this set both, or the carded line is trouble.  Thoughts?


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