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Where did they end up?  Without getting too deep into EU?

I was watching Star Wars and was thinking, why not let them out if they are on the Death Star.  Once your cover is blown why not?

I think it was pretty telling what was going to happen to the crew when Vader told that guy to send a distress signal and then inform the senate that all aboard were killed.  ;)

Well informing the senate they were killed isn't the same as killing them. 

Surely they wanted to interrogate them.  How many floating doctor/interrogation droids are there?

Dewback kibbles and bits...

I don't think the grunts were going to know much- it's not their job, and would be a liability. Vader, Tarkin, and the Emperor don't seem like a trio likely to bother with running prisons, especially when the people in it are officially "dead" in the senate records.

I guess I never got that they were executed by Vader saying, inform the Senate all aboard were killed... I thought it was a ploy to get at Rebel sympathizers or destroy hope since Leia was 'killed' too.  But it makes sense that they offed them.


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