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If "the tracks lead off in is direction...", why did it take finding a metal washer to figure out it was droids, I mean sure C3P0 walks semi-human esque. But R2D2 is making 3 distinct tracks.  How many species have 3 legs that "drag" like that? 

Not being overly critical of the "canon".... I'm just making conversation.

And why would the rocky area be better for R2 and not C3P0? 

Maybe John Holmes happened to be on Tatooine at that time?

I don't know about the tracks, but I'm not surprised that rocks are better than sand for R2.  The sand could mess with his wheels/treads, but on the rocky ground is a bit more solid where we see him and he could effectively push smaller rocks out of the way as he rolls along.  Heck, if he still has rocket thrusters he could even glide a bit over bigger obstacles.  The sand might be better for threepio because he kind of shifts and twists along and can't raise his legs very high.  If he ran into bigger rocks, he'd be pretty screwed, and might easier lose his balance on pebbles being bipedal. 

Outside of mechanical ability, I think R2 was either looking for shelter in the rocky terrain or had some concept of where Obi-Wan might be living.  The fact that he leaves the Skywalker ranch heading in just the right direction to find Obi-Wan might support the notion that he had some idea of where Obi-Wan was hiding out.  I think Threepio considered himself superior to R2 in many ways and just felt like he should have the say in where they go. 

I kinda thought it might have been breezy and blew the tracks away in the soft sand. 

Jesse James:

--- Quote from: P-Siddy on May 11, 2012, 08:06 PM ---Maybe John Holmes happened to be on Tatooine at that time?

--- End quote ---

Aww man I had one lined up just like this and you steal my thunder with yours...  dammit.


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