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2012 Medicom Parco Toy Show

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Looks like we'll be getting carded versions of the Vinyl Vader and Tie Fighter pilot from DX4 for the Medicom Toy Exhibition. The Kubrick line is still dead in my eyes so I can't be bothered to make a new thread about them.

ho, meet hum. I suppose it is better than a super desirable character that would become prohibitively expensive. It seems we should be getting an update by the end of June if a December release is planned.

Does anyone have any background info on how Medicom is performing?  Given that their cases of product seem to sell out in no time, I would have thought the company was doing well, or at least the SW Kubrick part of things.  I get the cost savings behind re-using existing molds to create new variations of characters (Veers/Imp Commander, Sandtrooper, Astromechs, etc.), but there's only so much collectors are going to take of this...

I Am Sith:
I'm more interested in the give-away carded figure that they are handing out this year.  Last year was the vinyl Obi-Wan.  Anyone taking bets?  Vinyl Tusken, vinyl Leia, vinyl Jawa?!

Vinyl Jar Jar with 3D glasses  ::)  ;D


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