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Torchering droids?


Granted it was a fun scene in ROTJ to see droids being torchered but what's the point? Are we suppose to believe droids can feel pain? Why destroy perfectly good equipment? Why didn't EV-9D9 just wipe R2 and 3PO's memory as standard procedure on getting new droids?

Likewise, in the last season of Clone Wars there was an episode where a bunch of pirates captured R2 & 3PO and were having droid gladiator fights (understandable for gambling) and also marching a bunch of droids into a smelter, which makes absolutely no sense since they seemed to all be functional droids.

I don't know if they 'feel' pain, but they must have a fear of it.  But going back to ANH, where Chewie and the droids are playing holo-chess and Threepio says "Let the Wookiee win" statement for fear of getting his arm ripped out of his socket suggests that it's unpleasant, whether or not he would feel it.

Angry Ewok:
Droids fear deactivation. Must be part of their programming.


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