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I got an 80's one past weekend free at a yard sale, slightly discolored.

I like the modern vintage style figure, but got tired of the Vintage style's dirty shoes and weathered mid-section. The elbows never bend in enough, either.

Looking at the movie stills, the pouches on the mid section should be bigger. Yet, I know Hasbro hasn't made them such, because they are visually the worst aspect of the costume.  It's like the exposed black body suit areas on a stormtrooper. In the movies, they certainly have more visible "body glove" than the toys usually do, but it's not doing the characters any favors.

I loved the Scout as a kid.  It might have been my favorite Imperial as I like race cars, so it was cool that they had Speeder Bikes and flew as fast as they did.  Speaking of the bikes, Hasbro needs a to-scale bike and a proper Biker Scout to ride it.  But please leave the explosion action feature off it.

This is another favorite of mine, both vintage and modern versions. If only the head/helmet was more to scale but otherwise very good figure.

The biker scout was definitely one of my favorite Imperial figures.  The first time I saw the character, was in a quick TV preview (the scene where Han is sneaking up behind him and steps on the stick).  I got so excited because Star Wars was coming back to the movie theaters!

Although the VTSC version is great, I still have the POTJ version up in my Endor display.  Still a decent (if slightly more static) figure.


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