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Jesse James:
Gonk Gonk!

Guess who's up for pre-order!

I wonder how its click-click-click noise will sound at this scale?  R2 and R5 also clicked anyone know how similar that was in Jumbo scale?

Jesse James:
I'd imagine pretty similar as, for the most part, the mechanism works exactly the same...  plastic tap against a gear.

Sir Real:
Jut got lucky and grabbed a new open preorder for the Power Droid at BBTS.  Someone must have cancelled theirs.  I've been checking for awhile and until today they have been sold out of preorders.

Today, I received the Power Droid I ordered from for $80.99 shipped.  I wish I had preordered through GG because those shipped long before other online retailers.

When I was a kid, and to this day, the Power Droid was my favorite Kenner figure.  Here's mine on display with an original. 

The stickers are nice on the Jumbo Power Droid I rceived except for a small corner on the front sticker.  At least it's not crooked.


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