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It'd be cool if they had someone like Embo, Cad Bane, or someone that already has a following from Clone Wars, or even the ESB hunters instead of a completely new character with no history.  I thought I'd heard that Boba would be involved.  But, I'm sure it would be someone that's human in appearance because if there's a TV show tied in I'm sure they don't want to be spending big bucks on make-up making an alien every episode.

While this does, indeed, seem like a really cool concept for a game/tv show/whatever, I've pretty much lost any and all hope that Hasbro can and will pull off a quality toy line to support it.  We'll either get figures two years after the game is released or (more likely) game inaccurate figures with decreased articulation and action features.  Sorry to be so negative, but Hasbro hasn't really given me much reason to be positive toward any of their lines lately, not the least of which is Star Wars.

While I agree that Hasbro has had a hard time making game related stuff, I think that if they really wanted to do it well, they could.  Perhaps we'll see some of this stuff at SDCC.

Also, I do think that there will be some characters we already know, but I assume that the "main" character will be new.  On the other hand, Boba Fett has gone helmet less for many CW episodes, so maybe it could be Fett.

That's what I think too. They're being very tight-lipped about just who the main character is. And I don't think we've heard him speak in the videos I've seen.

Jesse James:
He spoke in the gameplay trailers for it Lando, but IIRC in the videos discussing it they basically said outright it's a new character and all.  A "normal average guy" was a big push on him.


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