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New 1/6 Vader?

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Jesse James:
So 30 years behind everyone else it seems, my Vader showed up today...

Besides SS's absurdly slow shipping to me, the figure's outstanding.  Which it should be since it was like $300.  I think it's a great figure, but I am far from applauding the price because it's not exactly a deal...  Some may find it even too much.  I think the exclusive version with the helmet thingie is awesome though, and a great extra.  It is a little display unto itself.

You get so much too, but the light-up features are what make this a centerpiece to a collection...  A focal point for a room IMO.  It's big, bad, and visually impressive.  It's iconic (obviously).  I think SS's prices are getting a tad goofy, but I think this works for what I wanted.  I wanted a focal centerpiece.  Something that stands apart.  It does that and then some.


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