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NHL Offseason 2012

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Wild come to Winnipeg next year twice.  One exhibition, one regular season (January 4). 

Oh yeah, regular season schedule came out today.  Here's hoping no lockout because we have Hawks and Wings both in October. 

I'm not even looking at the schedules until they get the lockout/contract figured out... :(

I will talk about the Draft tonight though...  always fun to see what happens.  Lots of reports that we are playing it safe and picking a Dman, but the Wild seems to love Finns and I would not be surprised to see them go for Teranvainin or even taking a chance on one of the Russians should they slip to us at #7. 

Jesse, any odds on you guys trading Staal?  Sounds like he's tired of being a #3 C and ready to move on...  who passes on a ten-year $60mil deal?  Someone ready to go be a #1 center somewhere else I guess...  anyway, lots of people around here seem to think we're really kicking the tires on a trade for him, also sounds like he's interested in hanging with his bro in Carolina?

Not thrilled with our pick at #9 - Trouba.  I'm sure he'll end up being a very solid D but that's not really what we needed.  I'm now expecting Forsberg to be ROY since we passed on him.  ::)

The rumours about Staal were true with him wanting to play with his brother.  Wow.  Great for Carolina but not sure it was actually the right move for him. 

I was surprised you guys went that route too, but like you said he should be a solid D in a few years.

I was very happy with our pick of Dumba.  Great pick for the Wild.  Exactly what they need - punch on the blue line to go with all those young forwards we have coming up. 

And Brent, I still love the fact that we are the kind of hockey nerds who sit around on a Friday night watching the NHL draft. :P

Jesse James:
I was sitting in bed on my aviation reding it on tqitter... :x

Knew staal was gone once he turned down 10 years.  Won a cup with him n knew we couldn't hav forever.  Interesting trade rumors here r a lot of parise talk.  Boos o Philly n wash gms were fun. ;D

D stacking here...  Tryin move Martin too by all accounts.  Tuf to do tho


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