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Rune Haako:
Droid Factory returning confirmed!

New Arena Padme, R2, and Biker Scout in 1st Wave in 2013.

Jesse James:
Figure erection complete.

But honestly there's some good looking stuff there...

I'm pretty impressed with what I've seen, that's new.  I know it's limited, but it looks good at least.  Dooku's droid is a nice choice, Pablo Jill's twin is nice...  There's good stuff in there.

That's the B.A.D. news that some fans were expecting.  ;)

At long last, rumors are looking confirmed.  Looks like the "mixed" waves are continuing in 2013. 

Hopefully that is the same "NEW" Biker Scout that is coming with the new Bike.  R2-with boosters is a nice upgrade, Arena Padme looks gook so far too (at least from the small pic - we'll see what upgrades they made to her).  Looking forward to seeing who else is planned for this wave! :)

I'm guessing this first wave will be AOTC heavy...

Scout Trooper
Padme Arena
Green Clone
Luminari Unduli
R2-D2 Rocket boy
BAD: Dooku's Pilot


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