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2012 TRU Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper

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Why limit the speeder bike set to only 30,000 pieces? That seems like the lowest price point item out of all of them and should easily move through, especially since there will be guys (like me) out there looking to get at least four to squad build the bikes and scout troopers...

A tripod cannon on Endor? Wha?

If they had to toss in something else, toss in the Ewok catapult, and not that teeny one from POTF2/Dragonheart.

But maybe it's a new sculpt, not a big spring loaded reissue?

Jesse James:
I'm stoked for the Speederbike...  No interest in the AT-AT though, but the figure sets and bike are tops on my list.  I'm hoping to nab at least 2 bikes, maybe more.  Finally soemthing to be giddy about this year. :)

The new speeder bike is a long time coming. I'll pick up at least four myself.

Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper

Looks like the Rumored "tri-pod cannon" is actually an accessory for the speederbike that you can use on the bike or off the bike with a tri-pod.  Also, looks like there is some kind of "clear floaty" type stand shown on the back of the box.  Nice!  :)


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