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That disclaimer does give BT some flexibility in the delivery on the orders.  But it really should have been handled on a first come, first served basis.

Jesse James:
Someone, somewhere, posted that the deliveries were going to begin in November (and that they'd heard it directly from BT).  I don't know who said that now, but I based my assumptions on that at the time (and people reporting getting them who ordered right around that time).

It sort of wiped the 1/31/13 out of my head then I guess, but it's a weird situation.

Like I said before, I'm not really unhappy.  All I did was emailed to see if I could get mine and did, and they were very nice, so I'm happy enough.  I have 2 here for my local buddies and hopefully can get them their figures sooner rather than later.

bleh....  just ordered one of these...  can't believe on top of the crazy high price there is a handling charge...

anyway - I clicked the link from and said I heard about their site from, so hopefully that is worth something   ;D

Jesse James:
It's definitely appreciated. :)

Count me among those who have yet to receive their Jocasta, although to be quite honest, I hadn't really been paying attention lately and had pretty much forgotten about her.  I don't know if that's more due to just a general apathy toward Hasbro stuff recently, or because there hadn't been any movement from BT, but I did order one, so hopefully they'll actually send it to me, sooner or later.   ???


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