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Brian's Toy Exclusive - Jocasta Nu

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You know, I didn't care much about getting a Jocasta Nu when she was getting all the publicity around Fan's Choice time - and now, seeing here, I still don't care all that much.  The figure looks well done, but I guess I don't have a lot of excitement for the boring background characters of the PT.  I may pick her up, depending on price, but I could probably live without it too.  A nice get for BT though I guess, I wonder if this will lead to more online vendor exclusives?

Jesse James:
Kinda shocked at this but I think the production #'s will be low...  Like the Dooku head though.  Nice touch.  Kind of makes it worth it more than getting an old lady librarian figure. :)  I'm in just for the Dooku head I guess.

I'm not overly excited about this, but it is a very nice looking figure (at least the prototype is). I'll probably pick one up, but it won't be at the top of my list.

Jesse James:
I really don't care for Jocasta Nu but she's a movie figure...  And that statue sold me pretty much.  Seriously though she could never have been made and I would've been 100% happy.

I really think this thing has a lower production run.

Assuming it's reasonably priced, I'll buy one.   :-[

Hopefully they will offer some sort of bulk discount so the MN group can get together a group order and save a little extra...


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