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Mace Windu Clone Wars Armor
Captain Rex
Luke Yavin Ceremony
Mara Jade Jedi
Darth Vader Bespin
A-Wing Pilot
Ep 2 Clone Pilot

BAD: R8-B7 and R5-X2

20 new figures announced and no new Han figure among them.  :(

Glad to see R5-X2 on the list though, that's a nice one to get ticked off the list.

Matt R.:
Watch Biggs gets a brand new X-Wing pilot sculpt, while poor Wedge gets old sculpts. Glad R5-X2 is finally being made.  Curious about Luke and Bespin Vader.

Jabba the Slug:
I was shocked Mace even got the realistic TCW treatment. Other than the clone armor guantlets and maybe a longer robe, there really isn't too big of a difference. I really wish Hasbro would start on realistic TCW villains instead - give me realistic Asajj, Cyborg Maul and Savage Opress instead, please Hasbro? :-*

Jesse James:
I'd be shocked if Biggs got a new sculpt only because he actually is about Hammil's height...  He should be on the shorter side.  It's Red Leader who should've been a head taller than those two.  :-\


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