Author Topic: Selling entire VC carded collection, Figures, Vehicles & some odds/ends  (Read 641 times)


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I am selling my carded VC collection due to some life changes. i sold most of it but I still have a lot of great stuff left. In order to move these and make it worth I am requiring a Minimum purchase of 3 figures per order! Each lot of 3 for US shipping is $6 (Sorry no INTL). Each additional figure is $.50 more per capped at $10. Cash or PayPal gift payment only! Thanks!

MOC Vintage Collection Figures (Picture below priced as marked. Minimum of 3 figures must be purchased.)
VC BR Luke Saber Construct $10
VC BR Mon Calamari Pilot $12
VC Darth Malgus $20
VC Darth Vader (#93 with BJ Hips) x2 $9 each
VC B-Wing Pilot $6
VC Woof $8
VC Skiff Master $7
VC Return Tie Pilot $7
VC Han Hoth Hanger $7
VC DS Capture Luke Jedi (Metal ring around name) $7
VC Endor Rebel Commando $6
VC Wicket $10
VC Logray $10
VC Han Endor $7
VC Revenger Stormtrooper $8
VC Admiral Ackbar $7
VC Dengar $6
VC ESB Boba Fett $10
VC Bom Vidam x3 $6 each
VC Rebel Fleet Trooper $8
VC Han Ceremony $6
VC Exclusive Zuckuss (Keep in mind this is actually 4-Lom) $9
VC Darth Maul $7 
Saga2 Bossk $6
Saga2 IG-88 $6
Saga2 Tusken Raider $6
OTC Lando $8
OTC Han Solo $10
OTC Chewie $10

Clone Wars Republic Tank (Original First release in AT-TE Red colors) $12
Clone Wars Vulture Droid x2 $12 Each (Buy both and Maul is free!!! Whoopdi Doo!!!)
ROTS Arc Fighter w/ EVO Arc Pilot $20
LC Geonosis Assault Gunship Pod Pilots x2 $4 each
LC Wal-Mart White Galactic Marine x3 $7each
OTC Yoda $5

Framed Picture Lot is $20 +$10 shipping

Comic Lot $18 Shipped

Dr. Who Tardis $25 shipped (GG notincluded, just shown for scale)

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