Author Topic: Loose Clone Wars Bonanza!  (Read 647 times)

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Loose Clone Wars Bonanza!
« on: July 17, 2012, 09:01 PM »
Carded/Boxed Sets:

-Wal-Mart Exc. AT-RT (Red Deco)
-WM (AKA TJ Maxx?) Exc. Brain Invaders 2-Pack (Ahsoka & Scythe)

Loose Figures (Completeness Noted):

-Defend Kamino Echo (2 Rifles, Helmet)
-Defend Kamino Fives (2 Rifles, Helmet)
-Geonosian Warrior (Red Chest Dot, Rifle, Wings/back part)
-Geonosian Warrior (Blue Chest Dot, Rifle, Wings/Back Part)
-Deluxe Cad Bane (hat, sachel, rifle, pistols)
-Deluxe Scuba Clone (Rebreather/pack, 2 fins)
-WM (AKA TJ Maxx?) Exc. Brain Invaders Clonetrooper Scythe (Rifle, helmet)
-WM Exc. AT-RT Driver (Red camo ARF Trooper), (Rifles) x2
-Deluxe Rep. Scout Speeder ARF Trooper, Red Republic Markings (Rifles) x4
-Deluxe Brown Camo AT-RT ARF Trooper (Brown Camo) (Rifle)
-Attack On The Coronet Clone Troopers (No Droids!!!!) (Rifles) x1 of each paintjob

That is 16 loose figures + 1 packaged DVD 2-pack + 1 packaged WM AT-RT set...  I'd like $60 total, shipped, for the entire lot! :)  Just want the cost on the packaged stuff and less than $3 a figure on the loose guys.

Tons of army builders and other goodies.  Also I'll include some extra blaster rifles and there's a mix of stands, dice, and game cards too.  Some figures will have their card and some won't.

Send me a PM if you're interested, otherwise it's off to the local scalper store with them I think.
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