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I've been working on some customs from Jabba's palace to help fill out my Jabba's Palace coffee table / diorama. I'll be adding to this list, but here's what I have so far...

Jedi Luke (corrected cloak)
I love the new Jedi Luke figure. The robes, not so much. I basically pulled his robes apart, got a needle and thread, and remade them to match what we see on screen.

I created this custom several years ago, and I'll probably revisit it eventually, like when I have no one left to do.
He was created from an ugnaught head and Zutton body, which I repainted.

I love me some sexy Jabba's palace dancers (Yarna not included).
Jess was made from a Legacy Slave Leia body, leather strips, blue tulle, Padme Amidala (pilot) head. I sculpted the hair out of sculpy, and sewed the tulle pants. I know the pants aren't transparent in the movie, but hey, the end product is pretty good.

Gauron Nas Tal
I feel like this guy looks different in every picture I see, but this was based mostly on the shot where he's standing around Dengar when Luke falls into the Rancor pit.
He was created from Bossk (head, feet and hands, repainted), Hem Dazon (torso, upper arms, upper legs) and Jango Fett's shin guards. I figured I would hook him up with some dirty looking shin armor, since I don't have a costume budget to worry about. I also have him a cloth "collar/scarf" and a leather jacket. It's not so easy to see in the pics, but there's some really cool texture in the leather which makes it look crocodile-ish, which is close to what he's got in the movie.

This isn't really a custom, as I didn't do anything specifically to the figure itself, but I did create the gaming units that he messes around with. And since that's really all he does, I think it's a good addition to the figure, as well as the diorama. Seriously, BG-J38 without the gaming units is like EV-9D9 without the administrator workstation, or 8D8 without the Gonk droid torture...thing.

Nice, very nice indeed.  Dare I say, professional looking? 

The diorama/photography are breathtaking as well... some amazing stuff here buddy.

Thanks man! It's been a bit of an obsession for me, over the past decade (fits and starts, really). Slow going, but still a great stress reliever, and a fun project.

Quality stuff here, man. Love that Jess figure, that one's plain awesome!

Thanks! It was a fun one to work on.


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